PRESSTHERM is the name for our insulating materials for heated presses in the derived timber products industry. They are based on phenolic, epoxide, polyimide or silicon resin as a binder system. This is decisive for the respective temperature stability, chemical resistance and heat conductivity, electrical insulation values, fire protection classes and manufacturing costs. On the other hand, temperature pressure resistance and setting behaviour depend on the carrier materials, which also dictate whether the composite is structured as a layer/laminate or quasi isotropically. In the manufacturing process, therefore, only very high-quality prepregs (preimpregnated fibres) are used to achieve particularly high-end and long-lasting materials.


PRESSTHERM materials have the following properties:

  • High temperature pressure resistance
  • Low heat conductivity
  • Chemical resistance

PRESSTHERM material details: arrow_right_grey_60x60.png

PRESSTHERM is used primarily in the derived timber products industry as an insulating material when heated presses are maintained.

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