FRATHERNIT is the ideal insulating material in tool and mould making. Polyester, epoxide, copolymer, polyimide or silicon resins act as the binder system. This then determines properties such as temperature stability, chemical resistance, heat conductivity, electrical insulation values, fire protection class and manufacturing costs. Further properties such as compressive strength at the maximum application temperature and the setting behaviour depend on the carrier materials. Short carbon fibres, mica, fine and roving fabric is available for this purpose. The choice is made here based on whether the composite is due to be structured as a layer/laminate or quasi isotropically.


FRATHERNIT's hallmarks are:

  • High temperature pressure resistance
  • High temperature stability
  • Very low heat conductivity
  • Chemical resistance

FRATHERNIT material details: arrow_right_grey_60x60.png

FRATHERNIT is used primarily in tool making and mould making.

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