DOTHERM is the name for our high-temperature materials. They comprise silicates or silicon resin together with mica, chemically bound ceramics, minerals and carbon fibres as carrier material. The components contained there determine temperature stability, heat conductivity, electrical insulation values and manufacturing costs. On the other hand, the carrier materials specify whether the composite is structured as layer/laminate or isotropically. This then determines properties such as mechanical strength, setting behaviour, electrical insulation and also the design-based degrees of freedom when it comes to custom-made parts.


DOTHERM materials specifically enjoy the following:

  • Very high temperature stability
  • Very low heat conductivity
  • Very good electrical insulating properties (on mica materials)

DOTHERM material details: arrow_right_grey_60x60.png

With these qualities, DOTHERM fulfils in equal measure the requirements of mechanical and plant engineering, glass industry, as well as rubber, plastic and metal processing.

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