We call our high-tech materials DOTEC. These are materials with a quasi-isotropic laminate structure based on glass, phenolic or silicate resin. The individual variants differ in terms of their temperature stability, heat conductivity, electrical insulation values, water absorption and manufacturing costs – depending on which resin and carrier material act as the basis. The choice of this material – mica, glass or aramid fibres – in turn influences the mechanical strength, setting behaviour, electrical insulation and also the design-based degrees of freedom when it comes to custom-made parts.


DOTEC materials stand out thanks to their extraordinary properties:

  • Good mechanical strength
  • Very good dimensional stability
  • Good temperature stability
  • Low heat conductivity
  • Good electrical insulation properties
  • Chemical resistance
  • Suitable for clean rooms (glass-bound mica material)

DOTEC material details: arrow_right_grey_60x60.png

The most important areas of use for DOTEC materials are mechanical and plant engineering, as well as rubber, plastic and metal processing. The extraordinary benefits are particularly worthwhile here.

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