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Standard- und Zeichnungsteile aus Kunststoff für unterschiedliche Branchen


DOTHERM manufactures insulating components based on engineering plastics as well as fibre or particle-based strengthened plastic composite materials. We supply standard and custom-made parts that are attuned to the respective application for thermal or electrical insulation. In the process, we work predominantly with duroplastic semi-finished products. For certain requirements – for example, in the area of sliding materials – we use our own developments too. The starting point for our work is the customer-specific requirement for a component. We review the requirement to choose the suitable material or a suitable material combination. In this context, insulating materials may be also combined with metals or high-performance ceramics from our sister company, DOCERAM.

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Currently, we supply the mechanical and plant engineering, rubber and plastic processing, derived timber products industry, as well as the glass and metal processing industries with our parts, components and assemblies. Examples of such products are machine elements, electrical insulations, sliding/guide elements, high-temperature components and bearing materials made from fibre composite materials, glass fabric laminates, laminates, laminated fabrics and laminated papers.

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