Metal processing

Thermische Isolierungen für die Metallverarbeitung - DOTHERM

In the field of metal processing, there are very strict requirements for the materials used there in respect of their thermal and electrical properties. Engineering plastics must not become heated in the induction field, should be suitable for electrically insulating assemblies and insulate reliably even under high currents. They need to be able to withstand also extremely high temperatures as part of metal melting and re-shaping. As the Dotherm materials fit this profile of requirements, they can be used equally as part of steelwork equipment, inductive heat treatment and in foundries. They act there as support arm insulations and electrode brackets. They can be found also in curing and annealing furnaces, continuous induction furnaces, crucible inductions, melting and holding furnaces, continuous casters, model and gassing boards, and in die-casting moulds.

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