Derived timber products industry

Thermische Isolierungen für die Holzwerkstoff-Industrie - DOTHERM

In the derived timber products industry, processing takes place with temperatures of up to 280 °C, high mechanical strains and specific pressures of between 30 and 90 N/mm2. Insulations made from standard materials are not able to withstand these loads permanently. Therefore, Dotherm offers alternatives in the shape of Presstherm and Doglas. These materials are very heat resistant, stand out thanks to their good thermal insulation behaviour and are both resistant to pressure and solid. With these properties, they are suitable for continuous presses, short cycle presses and multi-platen presses. In these contexts, they act as piston insulation, frame insulation, radiation protection, lagging for drive pulleys and bolster plate insulation. They are used also as accessible external insulations and insulation in metal boxes. Their reliable and permanent insulation ensures high dependability and energy efficiency during the entire production process. In this way, the plants' service life is significantly increased, despite the fact that very high operating temperatures are necessary for the desired degree of effect.

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