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No industry can afford to stand still. No application is so good that it cannot be improved even further. Therefore, the teams of technicians and engineers at DOTHERM work in continuous dialogue with their customers. In this way, we gain the necessary industry knowledge to enable us to create practical and well-engineered products. On this basis, solutions often arise too that had previously not been anticipated. This means that with our know-how in materials engineering, we are able to handle tasks over and above standard day-to-day operations. Principally, we can serve a whole raft of industries in manufacturing and process engineering when it comes to enquiries and development orders. Do DOTHERM insulations provide added value? Yes, this is very much the case!

Branchenlösungen - Isolierbauteile, Komponenten & Baugruppen von DOTHERM

Currently, we supply the mechanical and plant engineering, rubber and plastic processing, derived timber products industry, as well as the glass and metal processing industries with our parts, components and assemblies. Examples of such products are machine elements, electrical insulations, sliding/guide elements, high-temperature components and bearing materials made from fibre composite materials, glass fabric laminates, laminates, laminated fabrics and laminated papers.

When it comes to rubber and plastic processing, DOTHERM solutions are applied in tool making and mould making, plastic processing machines, heated presses and packaging machines.

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Moreover, we supply insulating materials for presses in the wood processing industry, besides components for glass manufacturing machines, for steelwork equipment, inductive heat treatment, and the forge and foundry industry.

However, it can be said here too that the potential has not been fully exploited by a long shot. New procedures and techniques in some cases lead to significant improvements in the material characteristics. This leads to the areas of application expanding, or the products becoming suitable for entirely new industries. If you would like to find out more about these developments or if you have a specific question, lay down the challenge to us.

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