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When you purchase from us, you are purchasing
not only material.

You are purchasing dependability and stability in the production process.

DOTHERM has its roots in the field of thermal insulation based on engineering plastics as well as fibre or particle-based strengthened plastic composite materials. We supply standard and custom-made parts for various industries using materials with optimum characteristics for the respective applications. In the process, we work primarily with duroplastic semi-finished products, but also with our in-house developments – as is the case in the field of sliding materials, for example.


DOTHERM Industrial Insulations


Consistently good product quality and a high availability of materials and standard parts ensure that our customers enjoy seamless operation in terms of the material supply for thermal insulations. Besides established brands such as FRATHERNIT, we have numerous further materials at our disposal as standard. These materials are used in mechanical engineering, tool making, derived timber products, as well as in glass and metal processing. We manufacture not only board-type heat protection solutions, but also three-dimensional moulded components, special mechanical engineering components, and assemblies made from material combinations.


Thermal insulation solutions for industrial applications are our focus. On top of this, we handle components for the electrical and electronics industry, not to mention mechanical and plant engineering. Moreover, our supply programme contains also semi-finished products and standard products, such as boards and blanks, tubes, bushings, full rods and threaded rods, standardised screw insulations, insulation boards, heat insulation boards, as well as heat protection, fibre cement and laminated fabric boards in standardised dimensions. We stand apart from our competitors thanks to the variety of materials, their availability and a consistently high quality. We achieve this by choosing our materials carefully.

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